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Pros and cons of Propecia

blog Pros and cons of Propecia

Propecia is the brand name of generic medicine Finasteride which is used to treat the scalp hair loss for men. There are so many success stories of Propecia; a survey report says out 100, 83 men who use Propecia are not facing baldness anymore. That was quite an achievement, but it is for sure that there would be an equal number of cons too. In the long-term use of Propecia, it was found that more than 42% of men found no change and around 10% men are experiencing hair loss again.

Propecia generally takes three months to produce significant change and in some cases closer to year. It is inevitable every medicine that serves its purpose in reducing a disease or a psychological problem, it could produce diverse side-effects with varied intensities. Some of the advantages that individuals benefit by taking Propecia and disadvantage those individuals face in the form of side-effects, negative reactions are as follows:

The Advantages of Propecia:

Cures Baldness:

The important advantage that one could get from Propecia is a cure for their baldness. Baldness is a just not physical issue but also a psychological one. It takes away the confidence of men and it could some even to inferiority complex. Propecia is the medicine that would effectively work on curing the baldness. People who had consumed the pills had found exceptional benefits from the pill.

Helps to regrow the hair:

The Propecia medication also helps in re-growing the lost hair which makes so distinctly good from other hair treatment products. As most of the hair treatment products may help in reducing the baldness issues but they won’t help in growing the hair in the already bald region.

Convenience in administration:

The first benefit that Propecia has is the easiness in consumption. Propecia comes in an oral form; it can be consumed once or twice as prescribed by the doctor.

Highly effective for men:

Propecia is very effective for men, a number of clinical studies reported that men who use Propecia had found so much benefit from the medicine and the purpose of the medicine has been served.

Halts the hair loss progression:

Propecia also helps to halt or stop the rapid progression of baldness. People who lose hair in the extremely rapid manner can use this pill and get away from such disaster.

Disadvantages of Propecia:

Does not help grow the lost hair in other body parts:

The basic demerit of Propecia is it does not help in growing the hair in other regions apart from the scalp. People who suffer from hair loss or lack of hair in other body parts could not find any help by consuming Propecia.  Propecia only serves for Hair loss at scalp region.

Propecia is Not for Women:

The chemical compositions of Propecia or finasteride are developed in a way that, it is not likely to be neither advised nor prescribed for women. Women found using Propecia did get some cure from the medication but they are in very fewer numbers. Doctors say that using Propecia by women could lead to health issues like Allergies, Hormonal changes, Body swelling etc.

Only works after long-term Treatment:

Propecia is very unique it is own terms. The hair which is grown again after using Propecia could not serve for long if the due course was withdrawn. The regrown hair will fall away within 12 months after the withdrawal. It is also to be remembered that the medicine shows significant changes only after using it for long period, say 7-8 months.

Expensive Treatment:

The treatment of hair loss involved with Propecia is a costly affair. It may not cost much for short-term courses, but people who suffer from heavy hair loss requires a continuous long-term treatment which might cost so much.

The side-effects of Propecia:

  • Weight loss
  • Skin Rashes
  • Dizziness, etc.



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