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What is Propecia?

Propecia is an anti-androgen substance utilized to treat male pattern baldness and benign prostatic hyperplasia. This medication is being approved by the Food and Drugs Administration in the United States. It was first marketed by Merck in the name of Proscar. Patients require minimum 6 months to experience the therapeutic effects. Some patients would find difficult to pass urine. The medicine would cause fewer symptoms such as decreased urinary flow and increased urinary frequency. These symptoms will disappear while the patient continuously takes this medicine. Propecia 1mg is was proven to benefit a person with moderate to severe hair loss. Men who have taken this medicine on regular basis can see a few regrowths of hair on the scalp area. Hence the medication works effectively for men who have suffered from male pattern baldness. You should check with doctors before you are planning to Buy Propecia Online. By following dosing guidelines of the healthcare professional you can able to get the full medical advantages of this hair loss medication.

What are the uses of Propecia?

Propecia is created only for the purpose of male pattern baldness. Hence it should be taken only by men. Propecia helps to increase the growth of hair on the scalp tissues and further prevents the hair loss. Male pattern hair loss is also termed as androgenetic alopecia. It is a common issue in which the person could experience hair thinning on the scalp area. This results in the hairline receding or balding on the head. These problems typically begin to happen in few men in their age of 20’s. The hair might be lost permanently in the cause of hair loss happened over the long time period. Male pattern baldness might be caused due to the production of a specific male hormone(Dihydrotestosterone) and family history. Hair loss men who have more level of DHT in the part of scalp balding area rather than other body parts can result in increased hair loss. Even Propecia medication is used for the prostate gland enlargement but it is being prescribed as off-label for this treatment. One of the advantages of using this medication is that it won’t causes addiction. Commonly recommended dosage of this medication is 1mg and 5mg. Side effects would cause by increasing or decreasing the level of prescribed dosages.

How does Propecia work?

Propecia medication acts by preventing type II 5-alpha-reductase, the catalyst that converts testosterone to DHT(Dihydrotestosterone). This kind of conversion form stimulates the enhancement of the scrotum, penis, and testes as well as some other sexual features like pubic hair and body hair. Even DHT further induce the enlargement in the prostate gland. Men can notice new hair on the top of the baldness head after use o this medication. Propecia is not effective for female hair loss problem.

Propecia ought to be taken according to the dosing guidelines recommended by a physician and follow the instructions as per the prescription label. The medicine should not be shared with anyone because it could cause severe side effects when it is misused illegally. Take the medicine for a certain period of time as prescribed by the healthcare professional. You just need to get the physician assistant in order to stop the medication safely. Discontinue the medicine without doctor consultation would lead to suffering from severe withdrawal side effects.

Buy Propecia Online

Buying Propecia online could provide more advantages to all peoples. While you go for an online purchase, you can able to access both brand and generic version of this medication and you can see the availability of doses in huge quantities. The medication can be purchased for the cheap price.

These online facility features are not available at retail pharmacies. Buying Propecia online through a wide range of shipping options can be made possible when you choose the right place. Even the person could make use of overnight delivery in order to receive the medication on the same day or the very next day.  Authentic online pharmacies would supply high-quality medications at the lower prices. In addition, you can able to buy the medicine without a prescription from online pharmacies. Always, an online pharmacy that offers you more convenience in purchasing the pills.

Propecia is a prescription drug hence it is required to consult the doctor prior to the purchase of this medicine. Even you search no prescription online pharmacies, it is better to choose the legitimate place with online doctor consultation that would be safer for you to stay from the legal issues. In this method, you can able to know the complete details about the Propecia medication and how it should be taken in the best way. When you prefer to buy propecia from the best sellers you would get the top quality Propecia without prescription.

Who manufactures Propecia? imports all its medication from the approved manufacturers of USA to distribute the tablets to the customers. There are numerous Pharmaceutical companies are available in the market and they are manufacturing hair loss medication globally. First and the foremost Pharmaceutical company is Merck & Co and they have launched this medication in 1997 in the United States. The generic version of this medication has introduced in the same period by several drug manufacturing companies and they are Nidus Pharma Pvt.Ltd, East West Pharma, Gary Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd, Canixa Life Sciences Pvt.Ltd and Salve Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd.

Propecia for hair loss

Propecia is the most preferred hair loss medicine widely. It is used for the treatment of preventing hair loss and hair regrowth. It is an effective medicine that would help the patients to recover from male pattern baldness issues within few months. Healthcare professional prescribed this medication as a first aid to the men with male hair loss. Even this medication is being prescribed for more than 6 months because it does not cause addiction. Buy Propecia online would assist you to get the medicine much earlier and save your money and time in purchasing the medicine. Propecia tends to prove as an effective drug to the patient must need to follow the instructions given by the physician in order to achieve the best results.

Propecia for Prostate gland enlargement

Usually, the older men would have an enlargement in the prostate gland. Prostate gland enlargement is also further termed as benign prostatic hyperplasia. This prostate gland is located near to the bladder, with that of its enlargement would cause some issues while passing urine. Some of the common side effects that would be experienced by men are dribbling urine, waiting for a long time prior to the urine begins to flow, sense that your bladder is not empty and taking a long time at the toilet. Propecia helps to block the conversion of testosterone hormone to the dihydrotestosterone(more potent hormone). It does this activity due to the enzyme of 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor. Dihydrotestosterone is partially liable for enabling the prostate to enlarge. So, prostates consist of the lower amount of dihydrotestosterone by that it enables to shrink and you can easily pass urine. Small doses of Propecia is recommended for men who have suffered from male pattern baldness.

Propecia Dosage

The available dosage of Propecia is 1mga and 5mg. It is an oral tablet and it can be used with or without meals. The dosage strength would be different among the men. Usually, doctors prescribe a lower dose of this medication to men with hair loss problem. In rare cases only, the physician would recommend a higher dosage of 5mg Propecia pill. Daily use of this medicine for 3 months or more is a must prior to the hair growth increment or control of hair loss. Doctors would advise the patients to take this continuously in order to the maximum benefits. It is mandatory to consult with your healthcare professional prior to use of this pill. Misuse or overdose would cause few serious symptoms on the consumers. This medicine should be taken once in a day and that is sufficient for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia.

Propecia Side effects

Side effects caused by Propecia medicine are given below. The person should consult the doctor immediately when notice any side effects or else the symptoms would get worse.

Abnormal ejaculation



Swelling in your feet or hands

Impotence(loss of interest in sex)


Runny nose

Tenderness in your breasts

Skin Rashes

Few of the adverse reactions would also develop on the users and such adverse effects to be treated immediately by getting the consultation from the doctor.

Decrease in sex drive

Trouble to keep up an erection

Lowered volume of ejaculate

Painful breast

Testicular pain

Male breast cancer

Some of the rare side effects would occur due to the administration of the Propecia medication. And those adverse reactions are listed below.


Swelling of the face and lips


Rapid weight gain

Unusual weight loss.

Propecia User Experience

Hi, this is John Smith, am taking Propecia 5mg hair loss medication for last 3 months. 90% of hair loss has been stopped as of now. Meanwhile, I could experience fewer side effects like a headache and dizziness. Even sometimes I could not able keep up an erection for the longer time period. During that period, I went to the clinic and informed my physician about the side effects. So he has recommended taking Propecia 1mg pill instead of the higher dosage. I have noticed that I could feel better after took this lower dose of this medicine and come back to my normal sexual life. Apart from the recovery of sexual dysfunction, I have overcome a headache and dizziness symptoms as well. This medicine really helps me a lot. I thank my physician personally because he only recommended an appropriate hair loss medication when I get suffered from androgenetic alopecia.

Where can I buy Propecia?

Now you can buy Propecia online from our Propecia Pharamcy in very simple manner. In generall, Online and offline pharmacies are the places from where the person can able to procure the medication. But make sure that you should buy the medicine from the legitimate and safe place by that you would not get into any legal issues. It is not sure that every pharmacy would supply you with genuine Propecia pills. People usually prefer retail pharmacies to buy the medicines yet it is not clear that they would provide an appropriate dosage of this medicine. Some doses might not be in stock. To overcome those issues, it is better to choose the internet drugstores. You can able to procure the desired quantity of pill and accurate dosage with high quality. The legitimate online pharmacies are following strict rules and regulations of the federal government in selling the medications to the customers. By that, you can legally purchase the hair loss medicine for the extremely lower cost. When you planned to buy Propecia online, then you can choose the trusted and reliable online place.

Our Assurance assured that you will be highly comfortable with all of our services. We have given a lot of details about the Propecia. These details will definitely helpful for the people to know about the hair loss medications and how to use the medicine accurately. Our customers are the first priority. We promise that you will receive authentic medications from us. All of our medicinal products are approved by the U.S Food and Drugs Administration. Users can add their comment to our blog pages by creating an account with our online pharmacy. We provide guaranteed that we won’t share your details that you have registered with us to any third parties without getting an approval from your side. We promise you that we would provide reliable information for all time. And when you Purchase Propecia from us we will gurantee you that you would get only the top quality tablets


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