Limited shipping offers on first five orders above $275

Our shipping Methods and Cost have tie-ups with many global courier facilities. We would dispatch the order immediately as receive; it is assured the package would take a maximum of 21 days to reach your doorstep varying from long to short distances. We assure discreet packaging to ensure the product remains safe and secured until it reaches the destination. We do our best to ensure best shipping policies in order to satisfy the consumer.

Consumers need not worry if you are ordering from foreign countries since we have a friendly association with so many global shipping companies, even if you stay in the other corner of the world your product will reach you as soon as possible safely with quality packaging.

You need not take any strain in knowing the status of the courier. Once you complete the payment, you will be notified every step of the courier from dispatch until the delivery to our mobile and e-mail.

Please remember that the orders which we receive on weekends would not be shipped immediately, we would dispatch them in the next working day. Generally, in working days your orders will be dispatched immediately and they will be delivered to you within 15 days.

There are different streams of shipment methods available with us. You can opt any from the following:

  • Overnight Delivery
  • Rapid Shipment
  • Traditional delivery method
  • Postal Service method

Each of this method varies from one another in terms of charges, doorstep delivery time etc.

  • If you choose the overnight delivery option, Propecia will be delivered very soon within few hours of placing the order. Even in the case of an opting One-day delivery method, you will receive Propecia within 24 hours after the ordering the medicine.
  • Rapid shipment or quick delivery is another method where your medicine will be delivered within 2-3 days. The charges on this method will be less than overnight delivery and One-day delivery options.
  • If you wish to purchase Propecia without spending any shipping charges, you can choose the Traditional delivery method where you won’t be charged a penny in the name of shipping charges. In this case, Propecia will be delivered to you within fifteen days for free of delivery charge.

You can order Propecia through online from from any part of the world.

The shipping cost for different shipping options are given below

  1. Normal shipping will take a maximum of 21 working days to reach your doorstep. It is the maximum number of days as it has also calculated for places which are so far from main cities. The cost would be around $30 per shipping.
  2. Express shipping will take only 14 days to reach you whenever you are in this world. The cost would be $40 for each order.

We maintain a very strong relationship with our loyal consumers, if you purchase in our website for the second time you shipping charge would significantly less than your previous order. In case you wish to buy more quantity of Propecia, you would not be charged any money for shipment and delivery.

We proudly claim that our shipping policy is best when compared to other pharmacies. We assure that the product will be delivered on time as promised; In case the delay happens, it must be due to unforeseen circumstances like natural calamities etc.

We take all the responsibility for any minute damage that had happened to the medicines or tablets. Since our packaging would be done with extreme perfection, there won’t be any lethargic mistake from our side. Even in case if the tablets are damaged while the transit, we assure that your product would be reshipped and delivered to you as early as possible.