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Our refunding conditions

The refund policies of Propecia online pharmacy fundamentally stress on the benefit of our consumer. We consider refund policies as a very important factor; we execute them ethically according to the Federal Laws.

As we operate to the consumers who reside in different parts of the world. The transit becomes inevitable. It is known that the shipment undergoes several verifications and shifted from one to another while the transportation. Though we take utmost care while packaging, there is indeed some chance of product getting damaged.

With our discreet packaging, such accidents are very rare. In case if the product found damaged while the transit we take all the responsibility. We have our refund policies to save from such unforeseen happenings.

We stress upon one thing ‘We follow the Federal laws and if any small damage occurs to the medication from our side, we will be responsible for that and we ensure that you get satisfied with our service’.

If the damage occurs our Propecia pharmacy promises that we will reship your medication as immediately as possible. You will not be charged even a penny for the reshipment, not even the shipping charge, we take that burden too.

If we are unable to ship the medication to your place because of various social, environmental, or political disturbances, we would refund the complete money to your bank account or to whichever mode you had used for the payment. Kindly remember that we send refunds only in this case.

If you have a question about what must be your immediate after finding the medication is damaged? – We advise you to information about that to our customer support team. We ensure that the action is taken immediately.

Eligibility Criteria:

There could more queries on what are the criteria for being eligible for the refund, please refer the following:

  • Please note that any damage that had occurred should be intimated to our customer support team within a week after the product delivery. If the time exceeds that, we do not accept any complaints regarding the item.
  • Any damage that had occurred to product from your side will be not considered for returns or refund policy. Only the damages occurred during the transportation or transit would be considered. In simple words, we take responsibility for any damage that occurs during and before the product is handed over to you.
  • If the product received found to be expired, you are eligible to choose either the reshipment option or refund.
  • In case you have willingly or voluntarily decided to stop the treatment, your request for refunds or returns won’t be accepted.
  • If you have wrongly ordered a product by misreading the name, it is certainly not our responsibility, we won’t pay the refund in such cases.
  • Medication which was fine during the delivery and damaged by you mistakenly will not be considered for refunds. If you wish to purchase again you have to pay for pills as well the shipping charge as you did before.