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Payment policies we have and payment method we accept, the best Propecia online pharmacy offer extensive user-friendly payment options to cater our consumer who lives all over the world. We have an enormous number of consumers who are making purchases from our site; we have set up different convenient payment methods to satisfy them.

Though we do not accept the payments from all the popular wallets, we are focusing on expanding ourselves, as of now we offer Debit Card, Credit Card, Echeck, Amazon Pay and Bitcoins to our consumers.

Choosing the convenient payment option is absolutely the wish of a consumer, we offer some other modes of payment in order to simplify the burden on them.

We offer Cash on Delivery aka COD option, where the consumer can make the payment at his doorstep while receiving the delivery. We are offering this method only to the people who reside close to the working location of our pharmacy and it is not made available to all consumers who are located far away. Once the consumer chooses this option, he/she must pay the amount only through cash but no other medium is allowed or considered.

If Credit Card or Debit card payment method is your preferred payment method, your page will be immediately redirected or transferred to a secured link where you have to give your credit card number, CVV, Date of Expiry etc. Once the payment is received to us, your order will be confirmed immediately.

Consumers need not worry about the privacy, the card details will be secured and it is an assurance that they will never be shared with any other parties. Every detail of yours will be kept secretly and securely. We are totally against the data breaching. We strictly follow the rules and regulations of the Federal laws.

It is necessary that you enter the correct card details or else the payment will not be processed. You can opt any of the payment methods that are offered by our website.

In case you have some queries regarding completion of payment or if you are facing troubles while processing the payment, you can contact our customer support representatives immediately through a phone call or Chat option, they would immediately respond and clarify your doubts within no time.

In case you have doubts regarding the misuse of information, we advise you to speak up with our customer care team and they would clear all your doubts about explaining everything in detail.

These are information regarding our Payment options. To be precise and concise, MasterCard and e-Check are the two payment options that we are offering currently on our website. We promise that we are towards offering all the other payment options. It would be done as soon as possible.

To conclude, these different payment methods allow a consumer to make the order quickly without any physical strain. If you are a bit hesitant to make payment with Credit Cards or wallets, please do not worry about the safety of your data, as we have promised it in the safe and secure hands.