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Use of our Website

Do you provide Online Doctor Facility?

No. We do not provide that facility. But we are certainly on the way to improve our facilities in the near future. As of now, we ensure that you are guided to the right place where the facility is available.

Will it be mandatory to create an account on your website?

Yes, certainly the account creation would be mandatory. We assure that all your data is secured.

Are your services Legal?

Yes. We are bound to the federal law of the United States.


Are Internet prescriptions legal?

Not all the prescriptions that you get from the internet are legal. The customer needs to hunt for the legitimate source to get one with authenticity. There are umpteen numbers of illegitimate sites that provide fake prescriptions. We advise being cautious before choosing the pharmacy.

what is the cost of Online Prescription?

Most of the legitimate pharmacies charge you modestly for this facility, whereas some doesn’t charge at all. However, the charges would be very less than you generally spent while having a checkup in a clinic.

would I be able to purchase Propecia outside with the online Prescription?

Yes, certainly you can purchase it from pharmaceutical shops, but the prescription must be from a licensed physician or a pharmacist.

About buying

what are all the necessary steps should I take before the doctor consultation?

To be frank, you need to have your medical records ready. Apart from that nothing else is required. Make sure that your internet connection is fine to avoid disturbance due to disconnection.

Can I buy Propecia somewhere else?

Yes. You can. But rules may vary from one pharmacy to other. And make sure the place is approved and sells only authentic Propecia pills.


what is all that payment you offer?

We accept Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and E-checks. We also offer COD option in which you can pay the cash while the product is delivered to you.

what are the benefits do I get by buying Propecia at your site?

  • We assure you get genuine and legally accepted medicines.
  • We are FDA approved online pharmacy
  • We provide you the medicines at an extremely low price.
  • We offer discreet packaging to most of the parts of the world.
  • We have exceptional other benefits like customer support, shipment facilities, free online prescriptions, availability of both generic and branded medicines.

How long will you take to deliver the product?

It largely depends on what is the method you’ve chosen.

  • It takes the minimum of 10 days if you have opted Traditional Delivery method and
  • It takes less time of 3-5 days if you have chosen Quick Delivery and
  • The product that you have ordered will be delivered within hours if you had opted for Overnight Delivery or One-day Delivery options.

From where do you get the stock?

We get the stock directly from the Propecia wholesaler manufactures in the country.

Can we expect refund If the product is damaged while Transit?

In such case we request you to immediately inform it to our customer support, we assure that you are satisfied with our services. For more details kindly refer Refund policy.


In what ways buying Propecia at bulk would be beneficial?

If you buy Propecia in more quantities then you would get more discounts. It would help you to reduce your medical expense. On the other hand, you need not have to order this hair growth medication again and again thus paying only less shipping charge.

How authentic would be Propecia when bought online?

The authentic quality of the medication you buy from would be similar to the ones that you buy from physical med stores.

Can you use coupons while procuring Propecia online?

You can very well use Propecia coupons to reduce the price of the medication. You just need to ensure whether the coupon is accepted in the online portal or not.

Will it be a disadvantage if my insurance does not cover the cost of Propecia?

If you are buying Propecia online then it is not necessary that you would need insurance. The rate of the hair growth medication would be very affordable at all.